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Becs’ column

Welcome to my column, inspired by my work as an animal communicator and my love of animals.

In the time I’ve been working as an animal communicator I’ve come to have a much deeper understanding of these incredible beings that share their lives with us, and the way they view life.  I’ve seen that there is so much we can take from their approach to help us in our lives.  Time and time again I’ve been in awe of their depth of knowing and their wisdom.  As some of you who’ve worked with me will know, sometimes it’s difficult convey this in words.

I often feel I’d love to share some of these ‘gems’ with more people.  My intention with this column is that the greater understanding I’ve gained about our animal companions and some of their wonderful and inspirational messages reach a wider audience.  So, if something here resonates with you or inspires you, please share it with others.  Together we can spread understanding of these amazing beings and the messages and wisdom that they have to share with us.

I hope that these articles help you and your animal companions, inspire you and warm your heart. Enjoy!Becs Sevens animal communicator signature


with love, from the animals x

People often say to me that they prefer the company of animals to people. I understand that, I suppose you wouldn’t find that surprising, given my line of work. So, what it is about animals that means that many of us would rather spend time with them over our fellow humans?

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finding your calm in the storm

When life feels challenging, the animals in our lives can be just what we need to keep us on track. In these unprecedented times, that we’re experiencing with coronavirus, time spent with them can be the perfect tonic.

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owl magic

In late summer last year I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting and connecting with some owls. It was such an incredible experience, being up close with such magnificent creatures, I wanted to share a little of the magic with you. The owls are all hand reared and cared for by Sandra who runs Happisburgh […]

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flowing with change, an animal’s perspective

This blog was inspired by the wise teachings of our eldest cat, Tess.  The powerful message she delivered to me in the months prior to her leaving her physical body, in November last year, was about flowing with change.  As she went through her own metamorphosis she helped me to flow with her change, and to […]

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a gift for our animal companions

The underlying motivation behind most people asking me to work with their animals is the desire to do the best for them. A common question that comes up in communication sessions is ‘Is there anything that I can do to make my animal companion even happier?’ It’s a really lovely question and in my experience every […]

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