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Welcome to See Through Their Eyes animal communication

for insight and understanding

Hi, my name is Becs Stevens and I am a professional animal communicator. I love helping people gain a greater understanding of the animals in their lives.

My own experience of animal communication with my cat, Louis, helped us both so much it inspired me to become an animal communicator. I chose to leave the corporate world and to retrain as an animal communicator.

Opening up my ability to connect with animals and receive their messages has had a profound effect on my life. It’s enhanced my understanding of the animals in my life and strengthened my connections with them. It’s also changed the way I view and experience life.  It’s for these reasons and the positive impact I’ve seen animal communication have, for animals and people, that I’m passionate about it.

Like us, all animals are individuals.  Animal Communication provides a depth of insight into them and their perspectives. It can help us understand their behaviour and provide insight into how they are feeling. This understanding can help to resolve difficulties and to build a stronger bond with them. Our animal companions are willing to help us too. Communicating with them can provide an opportunity to learn from them, and the wisdom they have to share.

I believe that animal communication is a natural form of communication and that we all have the ability to communicate with animals in this way. For many people it’s just about remembering how!

I’m constantly in awe of our animal companions and the wisdom and unconditional love they offer us. I feel privileged to share their messages. It’s my intention for each communication session to create a heart centered space, where you can share with one another. If you feel a communication session would help you and your animal companion I’d love to hear from you. Becs Sevens animal communicator signature