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Animal Communication

What is communication?

Becs Stevens animal communicator touching heads with her Tabby cat Tess

Communication is about sharing thoughts and feelings and understanding those of others.  We use a combination of words and non verbal communication, often called body language, to get our point across.  We tend to do it automatically without giving it a second thought.  Sometimes, we can be ‘lost for words’ and struggle to find the words to describe the feeling we have.

We may try and disguise our feelings through our choice of words or body language.  Do you recall a time when you didn’t believe what someone was saying?  Perhaps they were saying ‘yes’ whilst nodding their head, yet something in your gut’ was feeling ‘no’.  You were picking up their feelings.  This is often referred to as being intuitive.  We can choose our words and to some extent our body language but it’s difficult to disguise our feelings.  Our feelings give the ‘true picture’ of how we are.

We are all born with an intuitive ability.  As babies it’s how we conveyed our needs to our parents.  As we grow up and develop we become less focussed on this.  Yet we all still have the ability to tap into our intuition.  We use it on a daily basis at an unconscious level, most noticeably when we get a gut feel about something.

How do animals communicate?

Animals are very sensitive to feelings and to intuitive communication.  They are very aware of our feelings.  Does your dog know when you are unwell and keep close to you?  Does your cat disappear off when a vet’s appointment is looming even though you haven’t mentioned going to the vets?

Animals communicate with one another in this way and will communicate with us in this way too.  What is important is being able to quieten our own thoughts and feelings enough to be able to pick up theirs.

How can animal communication help?

As an animal communicator I work with animals at this intuitive level.  The information I receive from the animal comes to me in a range of ways; feelings, words, images or physical sensations.

Like us animals are all individuals.  With animal communication I can help you to understand their true feelings and their individual perspectives.  This can shed light on emotional and behavioural aspects.  It can provide you with a deeper understanding of your animal companion and can serve to strengthen the bond between you.  The approach I use gives the opportunity for both of you to share your feelings with each other, allowing instant clarification between you and rapid resolution of issues.  A communication session can also be an opportunity to hear some of the wisdom our animal companions have to share with us.

For more information on animal communication and animal communication consultations please see the frequently asked questions page and the consultations & fees page.