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my first experience of animal communication

My cat Louis led me into the world of animal communication

At the time my husband and I had a feline family of three, Tess, Louis and Amy. Out of the blue the youngest cat, Louis, who was six, became seriously ill. He and I had a very special bond. He had ‘chosen’ us when he was four weeks old and had such a ‘zest’ for life. Everyone loved his boundless affection and cheeky ways.

When the vet he told me that Louis had heart disease and pneumonia and it was unlikely that he would pull through I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  Incredibly and against the odds, thanks to Louis’ determination and first class treatment from the vets, he started to recover.

As different aspects of the heart disease manifested over the following weeks we had to make some very difficult decisions. I felt I could sense Louis’ needs and the vets were very supportive, yet I felt I needed more reassurance about our decisions. I really wanted to know how Louis was feeling about it all.

A friend introduced me to an animal communicator. I hadn’t heard of animal communication before, so understandably was a little sceptical, but I was willing to try. The communication opened my eyes to something I couldn’t explain. Yet I saw Louis benefiting, as I did too, with the deeper understanding we had gained.

As Louis’ disease progressed this new found means of connecting with him helped me ensure that his time with us was as comfortable as possible and as per his wishes. When his time of passing came I was able to understand that he was ready. After his passing, communicating with Louis in spirit helped me come to terms with and find peace with what had happened.

face of black cat outside in the gardenThrough my work I’ve come to understand the amazing roles that animals play in our lives and how, whether we are aware of it or not, they help us.  They have the ability to help us awaken to our true selves and the love that lies within us. They remind us of our true nature, that of interconnectedness with all things.

Louis brought me these priceless messages. He woke me up to the intuitive aspect of myself and guided me onto the path of animal communication.  I am blessed to have had him in my life.

Forever in my heart and always with me in spirit.

Thank You Louis x