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Deepening Your Understanding

Our animal companions are in constant communication with us, whether we recognise it or not. Sometimes we receive their messages clearly, other times we may want some help in understanding them.

A communication session allows a two way dialogue to explore whatever you wish with them. Perhaps you have a feeling there is something they would like to share ? Perhaps there is a change or a new situation for them and you would like to understand how they are experiencing it ? Animals will also readily offer us help, a communication session can offer the opportunity to get their perspective on something that’s happening in our lives.

A communication can help provide clarity and can promote a new level of understanding between you.

Please see below for some case studies. For more examples please see my testimonials page.

Case Study Deeper Understanding:
Why did he have a lack of confidence? – Chief the horse

Lady in riding clothes stood at side of brown horseJane had had Chief her horse for about 9 months when I spoke with her. He often lacked confidence and she wanted to understand why.

In order to explore the issue I asked Jane to talk through a time where Chief had displayed a lack of confidence. Jane explained a situation in the indoor school. As she did I got a strong sense from Chief that that he wasn’t comfortable inside. He conveyed to me he had a bad experience inside with his previous owner. As I explored this further I was able to understand how Jane could help Chief to overcome this past experience. I used a technique to help him release the emotion he had in relation to his previous experience.

We then explored other confidence issues that Chief had and other questions that Jane had.  Based on the information I got from Chief I gave Jane suggestions of how she could help him. Chief conveyed a real sense of relief that he had been able to share how he was feeling with Jane and a strong sense of gratitude that she had listened to him.

Here’s what Jane had to say:

“The minute I first spoke to Becs I felt very reassured and confident that she understood how I felt and would try her best to help me and my horse Chief.  The work Becs has done with me and the communication she has had with Chief have helped cement our relationship and understanding of each other.  Chief is a young ex riding school horse and I a rider that has ridden all my life, but had my confidence knocked badly.  We were doing ok but struggling in some areas to understand each other. Becs communication with Chief helped us both move on from the past and look forward to our future together.

Some of the areas she worked on were his confidence in the indoor school, my feelings of safety, his confidence walking over slippery ground, how he felt about having a show makeover and how he felt about my expectations of him.  Since working with Becs we have flourished, trust each other implicitly and he really looks after me in all situations.  His confidence has grown hugely and he has risen to every challenge asked of him including winning our first show jumping competition.  I feel we would not be looking so positively towards our future together if it was not for Becs. She is the first person I will be calling if we have a problem in the future.”

Jane, Inverness, Highlands of Scotland

Case Study Deeper Understanding:
Understanding how he felt about a recent change? – Howie the cat

Jess got in contact with me as she had recently moved house for a new job. She had taken her dog with her but her cat, Howie, was still at home with her Mum.  She was used to connecting with Howie on her own, however with the busy pace of life with her new role she was finding it more difficult than usual and so asked if I could help.  In particular she wanted to understand how Howie was feeling about not being with her and explore if he would like to move to be with her and her dog.

When I connected with Howie he was very happy to communicate. He explained that it was good to have the opportunity to communicate through a third party. He explained that he and Jess had a very natural connection with one another. He understood that the move had been a big change for Jess and that she was concerned about the impact on him and her dog. He explained because of this she was finding it difficult to be in a neutral space to connect with him.  He was grateful for the neutral space that the communication session offered.  When I explored with Howie how he was feeling about the change it was clear that he was taking it in his stride.  He shared his perspective on the move, how he was finding life at the moment and how Jess could connect with him more easily whilst they were physically apart.

Here’s what Jess had to say:

“I’m so very grateful for the communication with Howie my Maine Coon Cat via Becs.  It really opened many doors for us and our connection.  It opened my heart and allowed me to really trust my intuition.  It showed me where I block information coming through.  It proved to me that my cat is very in tune and always looking out for me on many different levels. It taught me that we can tune in and connect and he can and does help me wherever I am.  I am blessed to have this cat and I’m truly grateful for Becs’ warm, grounded and neutral way of facilitating this, she really understood and got us.  It was a very profound conversation for me.”

Jess, Maidenhead, Berkshire