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Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about animal communication and Reiki healing.

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What is animal communication?

Animals use a form of communication that we are all born with. It is the ability to sense and share feelings and emotions, often called intuition. As we develop we tend to use our intuition less and rely on words and body language to communicate. For animals this intuitive communication remains the natural way in which they communicate. Please see my page on animal communication where I explain it fully.

What geographical areas do you cover with your animal communication consultations?

Because of the nature of the work it is not necessary for me to be with an animal to communicate with them. This means I am able to work with an animals not just throughout the whole of the UK but outside of the UK too. I work from a photo of the animal and all my contact with you is by phone (or Zoom or Skype audio calls if you are outside the UK). I have clients throughout the UK and an increasing number of international clients.

What animals do you communicate with?

I can communicate with all animals. All animals communicate in the same way so the approach I use is the same for all animal types. Before I start a communication I always explain to the animal who I am and ask if they are happy to communicate with me. Most of the work I do is with cats, dogs and horses but I have communicated with guinea pigs, an owl and an injured thrush!

What should I tell you before you communicate with my animal?

The only information I ask for prior to the consultation is a photo of the animal, the animal type, name, gender and the broad reason for the consultation e.g. behaviour problem, deeper understanding etc. I prefer not to know any specifics about a behaviour problem or health issue ahead of the consultation or any information about the animal’s character. I find that this approach ensures that you get the best out of the consultation.

How can I be sure that it’s my animal you are communicating with?

Prior to the telephone consultation I will make an initial connection with your animal. In this I will obtain information about them. I will share this information with you at the beginning of the telephone consultation for you to verify, so that you know that I have made a strong connection with your animal.

Do you have to be with my animal to communicate with them?

No I do not have to be with the animal to communicate with them because of the nature of the communication. I work from a photo of the animal. I find this is the way to get the most out of the consultation. This approach avoids potential distractions of environment and other animals that there can be in face to face situation.

Can my animal be active during a communication?

Yes it is absolutely fine for your animal to be involved in its normal routine during a communication as this does not affect the quality of the information.

However for the consultation I ask that you have them near you. This is because of the dynamic nature of the consultation where I will be passing information back and forth between you both and also because of a technique I use to release emotion where it can be helpful to see their reaction.

Can animal communication be harmful to my animal?

No it is not harmful to your pet. This way of communicating with animals is natural to them. There is often a great sense of relief or gratitude with them having the opportunity to be heard.

How can I best prepare for the consultation?

If the consultation is for a particular issue such as a behaviour problem it is helpful if you can give some thought to it before the consultation, as I may ask you to describe the first or earliest time you recall it happening.

If the consultation is to gain a deeper understanding of your animal please consider ahead of time the questions you would like to ask. I usually find that 3-4 is a good number to start with and during the consultation others often come up and are answered too.

What can I expect from a consultation?

This all depends on the purpose of the consultation. If the consultation is to resolve a problem, then I will initially explore the issue with the animal to gain an understanding of what is behind the problem. With this information we can discuss and agree, if necessary, a plan to support them. If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of your animal I will ask the questions you have prepared beforehand along with any that arise during the consultation (as time allows).

No matter what the reason for the communication you will find that following it you have a new level of understanding of each other. The result is often that is you feel even closer to one another and will have a stronger bond.

How many animal communication consultations will I need?

A single consultation will give you a new depth of understanding of your animal. In relation to how many consultations are needed to resolve problems it very much depends on the individual, how long the problem has existed for and the extent of it. In many cases I have found that a single session resolves or dramatically improves the issue. Please see my testimonials page for feedback from people I have helped with their animals.

What problems can animal communication help with?

As people we often find that talking about a situation and having the opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings helps. The same is true for animals, so it’s difficult to provide a definitive list of what animal communication can help with. The main area of my work is resolving behaviour problems. The range is wide but the most common issues are dogs barking or over excited, dogs chasing off, cats spraying or not using their litter tray, cats clawing at furniture and horses getting spooked.

Animal communication can also help with understanding and resolving emotional problems. It can also provide insight into a physical health condition and support if your animal has a long term terminal illness. In the emotional period surrounding the passing of an animal it can help you both and other animals and family members.

Please note that animal communication is not a substitute for seeking medical attention. With a physical problem please ensure that you have consulted your vet first about the issue.

For examples of people I have helped with their animals please see my testimonials page.

Do you diagnose health problems?

No I do not diagnose health problems or offer medical advice. In a communication I can get information on how an animal is feeling and how they might feel more comfortable, but I am not qualified to diagnose health problems. I can work alongside a vet with both animal communication and Reiki healing.

Animal communication can help you to understand how the animal is feeling about their treatment. It can also help provide insight where there may be an emotional aspect behind the physical problem. Reiki healing can work very effectively alongside conventional medicine.

Do you communicate with animals that have passed on?

Yes I can communicate with animals that are now in spirit. I do this in the same way as for a living animal through a photo. It can be very comforting to have this connection with the animal once they have passed on. My own personal experience of this with my cat Louis showed me the value of this and how it can help with the grieving process.

What is the difference beween ‘whispering’ and animal communication?

Most ‘whispering’ approaches use the body language of the animal to understand and communicate with them. The body language of an animal is determined by how the animal is feeling. Animal communication works at the deep level of feelings and emotions. Animal communication can be used alongside ‘whispering’ but they are different in their approaches.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient natural form of healing in which the practitioner channels Universal Life Force Energy. It is a holistic therapy that can help with emotional and physical wellbeing. It is powerful, yet safe and works in harmony with the body. It is holistic and so treats the whole body. For more information about Reiki please see the Reiki healing page.

Who can give Reiki healing?

Reiki is not tied to any particular religion or philosophy. Anyone who has been attuned to Reiki can practice Reiki healing to help others. The attunement is carried out by a Reiki Master and opens up their energy channels so that they can direct healing energy. In Reiki the energy does not come from the practitioner’s body but from Universal Life Force Energy.

Who can receive Reiki healing?

Anyone that wants to can receive Reiki healing. You do not need to have a specific belief system to receive Reiki, just openness to receiving it. People and animals alike can be treated with Reiki. Animals are highly sensitive to Reiki and can respond to it faster than humans.

How can Reiki help?

Reiki is a holistic therapy and so treats the whole body, balancing body, mind and spirit and helping with physical, emotional and spiritual aspects for people and animals. No diagnosis is necessary prior to a Reiki treatment as the Reiki will always flow to area of greatest disharmony first.

Reiki works on many levels to enable the body to make changes to bring itself back to balance physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Reiki can help with:

  • Maintenance of health and wellbeing
  • Speeding up recovery from physical illness of injury
  • Emotional issues such as trauma, neglect, fear or lack of trust
  • Calming and reducing stress and hyperactivity in highly strung patients
  • Energising and revitalising elderly or sick patients
  • Pain management
  • Providing comfort, pain relief and making the transition more peaceful for dying patients

How is Reiki healing given?

Reiki can be given by the laying of hands on the patient or by distant healing. Both methods are equally effective. In the case of animals I often recommend distant Reiki so the animal is completely relaxed.

With hands on Reiki the practitioner places their hands gently on different locations on the patient. Unlike massage Reiki does not require any manipulation of muscles or tissue so the hands remain still. When giving hands on Reiki to a person the person remains fully clothed and usually lies down, although it can be given whilst seated or even standing. For hands on Reiki animals should be in a position that they are most comfortable in, be that standing or lying.

With distant Reiki the practitioner channels healing energy to the patient through their focus and intent. A picture of the patient enables the practitioner to do this.

How does it feel during a Reiki treatment?

What a patient feels during a treatment is very individual. Common sensations are those of tingling or warmth, or coolness. Sometimes there is no sensation at all. The feelings may vary from treatment to treatment. No two Reiki treatments are alike.

The treatment is gentle, painless and stress free. The overall feeling after a treatment is usually of deep relaxation and of wellbeing.

Do you have to be with my animal to give healing to them?

No. Reiki can be given by hands on or by distant healing. In hands on Reiki the practitioner places their hands on various different positions on the patient’s body to channel the healing energy. With distant healing the practitioner channels healing energy to the patient through their focus and intent. This can be done by means of a photo. Both approaches are equally effective.

How many Reiki sessions will my animal or I need?

The number of consultations required to resolve a complaint or address an issue is dependent on the individual. The nature of the problem and how long the patient has had the problem will affect the number of sessions required. On the whole a chronic condition will need more treatments and take a longer period of time to resolve than an acute condition.

Please contact me via email at or on 01603 913034 if you would like to discuss you or your animal’s requirements and how many sessions may be required.

Can Reiki be harmful to me or my animal?

No Reiki is not harmful in any way. It works in harmony with the body and is completely safe. There are no contra indications to Reiki. Reiki can be used alongside other treatments including prescription medicines.

How soon will you get back to me if I leave a message or book an appointment using the form?

I aim to get back to you within 3 working days of receiving an email or telephone message.  I do not work on Fridays or at the weekends, unless by prior arrangement.

How can I pay?

Bank transfer to my account is my preferred method of payment as it is safe and fast. Please contact me for my account details. I also accept cheques and postal orders made payable to Rebecca Stevens.

Please note that I require the payment to have cleared before I go ahead with the consultation. Please allow extra times for cheques.