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Tabby kittens asleepBelow you will find testimonials and recommendations from people whose animal companions I have worked with.

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Deeper Understanding: Horses Blaze and Sultana

Blaze horseMy sessions with Becs and our two horses, Sultana and Blaze, have felt profoundly uplifting, healing, accurate and so connected. She was able to tune in so astutely to the hearts’ of our horses, including our departed friend and guide Cleo.

The subsequSultana horseent shifts in wellbeing in both horses, myself and our relationship has been intense and cathartic and I feel she has been the bridge to the next part of our journey together.

I experienced Becs as a very loving and generous spirit and felt it a real privilege and gift to have these moments with her.

Shirani, South London

In spirit: Spencer the cat

When I lost my beautiful boy Spencer (a British shorthair cat), the most amazing cat and best friend, I was totally bereft and distraught. We were so closely connected, and totally understood each other, and he was my sole companion and best friend for over 14 years, so his loss was (and still is) huge.

Becs’ incredible gift has allowed me to re-connect with my lovely boy since his passing and be reassured of his soul’s well-being and the peace and happiness that he still has in his transition. We have had several incredible sessions together which have felt like the heart to hearts we always had together when he was alive. From the first sentence she uttered when we spoke for the first time, I was reassured that this was definitely my boy we were connecting with.

Becs is kind, gentle, sensitive and incredibly gifted. Importantly, she is totally authentic with an incredible combination of empathy for her clients and their animals, and a true passion for her work.

I highly recommend Becs to all animal lovers, whether to seek comfort after bereavement and reconnect with your pet after their passing or to connect at a deeper level with your pet and enable a more joyous relationship.

She truly is an angel on earth — thank you Becs x

Suzanne, Kent

Behaviour: Not getting on with another cat in the house – Jessie the cat

Picture of torbie cat Jessie who was not getting on with another catBecs truly has an amazing gift. I had issues with one of my cats and she helped me resolve them by telling me what was going on in Jessie’s head. She picked up on past hurts Jessie had suffered in her early life and was able to deduce why she was behaving strangely. I was absolutely astonished at the detail Becs went into in describing Jessie’s emotions and feelings. At every turn she was spot on in what she said. What’s more, she was also able to communicate to Jessie the messages I wanted to send to her. I thoroughly recommend Becs without reservation. You will be amazed at what you will learn about the animal you share your life with.

Barbara, Norwich, Norfolk

Behaviour: Attention seeking – Junebug the dog

Testimonial picture for animal communication of dog called JunebugI found the experience of working with Becs extremely rewarding. Becs described my dog Junebug’s character extremely closely, after her first connection via the photograph. During the consultation Becs was able to connect with Junebug and communicate her needs back to me. Becs picked up on some very fundamental ways that I live my life, and her approach and empathy for both Junebug and me were very much appreciated. Her suggestions for Junebug’s attention seeking ways made complete sense. Since the consultation I feel so much closer to my dog and know that she knows how much she is loved. Which has helped a great deal with my anxiety about leaving her when I have to work. I have made some small changes to our routine and they have made Junebug so much more content and obedient. Thank you!

Jean, Norwich, Norfolk

Deeper Understanding: Monty the dog

Testimonial picture for animal communication of Monty the dogBecs is obviously very passionate about what she does and I found her to be a highly skilled, compassionate, intelligent and intuitive animal communicator.  During our sessions with Monty, Becs gave her time very generously and I have noticed a significant difference in Monty’s wellbeing and calmness (and mine too!) after the sessions.  I would highly recommend her.

Jane, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Behaviour: Highly excitable & dependant – Harvey the dog

Lady holding brown springer spaniel dog

After my first communication with Becs I felt she had made a strong connection with my dog Harvey as had his personality down to a tee!  Her advice and suggestions have been very practical and easy to introduce into my dogs routine which has been the most important part for me.  There has been a very positive change in the relationship between myself and Harvey which I will keep building on. Becs has been very supportive and her work has been invaluable.

Tracey, Inverness, Highlands of Scotland

Deeper Understanding: Oliver the horse

Black horse in field with treesRebecca has come to my rescue on numerous occasions, she has helped me look at horses behavioural problems from a different angle, one that takes the horses emotional and physical problems into account, in turn this helped me work out a training plan to help the horse I was working with.

Oliver, a 15.1hh extremely handsome Welsh Section D, 9 year old gelding, came to me for help. Oliver had many issues, people, everyday situations, you could not bridle him, he hated his ears touched and would head butt anyone trying to, he also bolted when ridden. His first weeks with me had him cowering in the back of the box when my friends came to stroke him.

Rebecca’s communication helped me understand how Oliver was feeling both emotionally and physically and also when he was feeling happier about his situation. Oliver left me a much happier horse, he would follow me around at liberty, he trusted people and tolerated everyday situations, you could bridle him and he loved his ears touching. He had accepted a rider on his back but due to pain in his shoulders it was decided that a non – riding home would be best for him.  I recommend Rebecca’s communications.

Danuta, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

Deeper understanding: Howie the cat

I’m so very grateful for the communication with Howie my Maine Coon Cat via Becs.  It really opened many doors for us and our connection.  It opened my heart and allowed me to really trust my intuition.  It showed me where I block information coming through.  It proved to me that my cat is very in tune and always looking out for me on many different levels. It taught me that we can tune in and connect and he can and does help me wherever I am.  I am blessed to have this cat and I’m truly grateful for Becs’ warm, grounded and neutral way of facilitating this, she really understood and got us.  It was a very profound conversation for me.

Jess, Maidenhead, Berkshire

Behaviour: Scratching on furniture at night & waking the family – Tabitha the cat

Tabby and white cat sitting on blanketI contacted Becs for some help with my cat Tabitha.  Tabitha had been part of our family for 11 years when I had started to feel something was causing her angst.  She had taken to scratching on furniture in the middle of the night, to the point that it would wake me.  She was causing me to wake two or three times a night with this behaviour. Health wise she seemed fine.

I sent Becs a photo of Tabitha and she did a communication with her.  During it Tabitha gave her some information that only I and Tabitha would know.  This really gave me the confidence to believe in the information Becs had gathered.  It turned out that Tabitha was worried about me.  At the time I had two children under the age of four, worked part-time and ran the home. Like most mums at time I could feel very tired and emotional.  Tabitha was using the scratching to get my attention.  Through Becs’ communication with her I  understood how much she cared for me and that she wanted me to slow down, that she was worried about me.

The communication gave me the chance to explain to Tabitha about how I felt and reassure her that I was ok. Her disruptive behaviour stopped and I made sure that I had time with her each evening.  This time with her on my lap gave me the unwind time I needed and also made her feel useful, that she was helping me in my busy life.  It was simple solution but one that I would not have been able to reach without animal communication.

As I had found the initial communication so helpful and insightful I used Becs subsequently to do further communications with Tabitha. Over this time I gained a much greater understanding of Tabitha’s emotions and our bond has strengthened.

Animal communication was new to me and, even though I am a psychologist by profession, I was still sceptical that it could work.  Becs’ warm, open and non-judgmental style put me at ease straight away.  If I hadn’t spoken to Becs, I’m not sure what I would have done.  Tabitha would probably have ended up being shut in a room at night, an outcome that would have only made her and I feel worse.

Ruth, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

Behaviour: Distressed travelling in the car – Duffy the dog

Picture of Duffy the dog who was distressed travelling in a carI contacted Becs after hearing about her work with animals from a friend. We have a six year old Parson Russell Terrier who has what I would describe as a split personality. When he is out on a walk off the lead he is the most well behaved sociable and obedient dog. When he was in the car he was noisy, he licked, and sometimes bit, the car interior and generally made every journey very distressing for himself and for his family.

Becs was amazingly accurate in many things she said about Duffy after she had seen his photograph and we spoke on the phone.  While we were talking Duffy seemed to be particularly calm and I felt that he was listening to her voice. Becs felt that Duffy is a dog who does not like enclosed spaces and so we agreed that we would dispense with his travelling cage. He now travels behind a dog guard but I keep the rear seat down so that he can see me.  Becs also taught me how to calm myself so that I was in a much better position to help Duffy with his anxiety.
I feel that Duffy is a calmer and happier dog now when he is travelling. I am tremendously grateful to Becs for the time she spent helping us both and would say to anyone with a pet with a problem ‘Get in touch with Becs, you won’t regret it’.

Eileen, Ponteland, Northumberland

In spirit: Chelsea the cat

Whilst I was a little skeptical at first, Becs knowledgeable and kind approach has really helped me in dealing with the unexpected loss of a beloved pet. I would definitely recommend her for others in similar circumstances.

Louise, Roydon, Essex

Deeper Understanding: Artemis the cat

Picture of ginger cat curled up asleep on bedMy experience of working with Becs as an animal communicator has been of tremendous value. In the first part of the session Becs gave me a description of my cat and her character which made me both laugh and cry.  It was clearly her personality.  I was then able to ask my cat Arty, questions.
I felt nervous at first but Becs’ knowledge reassured me. Arty was keen to take part and let me know her views and responded well to the session.

The session allowed a space in which Arty and I could communicate and develop a deeper bond.  I felt the session was full of honesty and integrity and it allowed me to be honest with myself too.  The session showed me life had a simplicity I was missing. Becs works with great kindness and empathy and holds a safe space for both you and your animal to work together.

I would highly recommend Becs work as of warmth and value. I felt it was well worth getting to know my cat.

Rachel, Norwich, Norfolk

Behaviour: Not getting on with his sister – Cato the cat

Picture of Cato the cat who wasn't getting on with his sisterBecs is a very sympathetic person who instils confidence in both animal and owner that she can help sort out any problems through direct communication with both.  Becs is very knowledgeable about her field and really made me (and my cat!) feel that we were listened to, understood and helped very effectively.

I would recommend Becs for anyone who wants to get to know their animal better, or anyone who is having problems with an animal’s behaviour – it really will help.  Becs gives practical and ‘do-able’ advice to help bring animal and owner closer together in mutual understanding – a really helpful service.

Gretel, Dereham, Norfolk

Deeper Understanding : Maverick the horse

Lady riding a chestnut horseI was very sceptical and a little apprehensive before I entered this.  After having talked to Becs I feel completely ‘shell-shocked’. In a nutshell, she saw and understood so much of Maverick and of myself that it actually beggars belief. I have no idea how she saw the things she did.  So much of it was true.  I knew some of his past but the things she said made so much sense. I had known he had had a very bad experience which led to injury – this was exacerbated this past year which led to an operation on both his back legs.  He was confined for 9 months and Becs described this in great detail.  I made a point of being guarded – ie not to say ‘ooh’  ‘aah’ etc. whilst she was making her connection.  She described his character so very well and mine also.

Becs is lovely and she gave me some wonderful advice on how Maverick and I could go forward.  Since the communication my confidence has grown so much. We even came second in our first dressage! Thank you so much for helping us Becs.

Rita D, Beauly, Inverness-shire

Behaviour: Out of character – Luca the dog

Testimonial picture of Luca the dog for animal communicationI met Becs at an event and was intrigued by what she does, especially since one of our dogs had been behaving out of character in recent months. As a sceptic at heart, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the idea of a phone consultation with Becs only having a picture of Luca, but I so wanted Luca to be back to her happy-go-lucky self that I was prepared to give it a go.

During our phone call I was very aware that I didn’t want to give any information away (still sceptical), but Becs kept describing Luca with every point she made. Suffice to say, I now fully believe she has an ability to connect with animals, and once we’d finished the call I immediately implemented one of the suggestions Luca had made, and straight away had a calmer, happier dog.

I love knowing that I’ve got my lovely happy dog back, rather than the tense, upset one that just needed to be able to tell me what was wrong.

Emily, Bungay, Norfolk

Behaviour: Barking, chasing, dislike of men & distress in cars – Mac the dog

Lady holding her white westie dog in her armsAsking Becs to help us change the behaviour of Mac, our Westie has been a remarkable and rewarding experience. He came to us from a difficult background and he was a very insecure dog. He hated closed doors and followed us everywhere and hardly ever settled down. Apart from being very attention seeking, his worst habits were: barking ferociously at all and sundry, chasing and nipping runners and cyclists and appearing to dislike men! But he is very loveable, affectionate and super with children. He loves to please and delights in being told he is good.

Working from a photograph, Becs analysed Mac and his behaviour incredibly accurately. When on the phone with she connected with him and he immediately calmed down. She was able to give advice and agree a plan of action to facilitate improvement.

His behaviour is much improved (consequently we are much calmer too). He now walks past runners and cyclists, barks much less and even seems able to accept men! We are amazed at what has been achieved and so grateful for the help that we have received. We would unreservedly recommend Becs to anyone who has a difficult dog.

Jackie, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

For more information on how I helped Mac please read my case study in the behaviour problems page.

Behaviour: Barking, over excited & clingy – Louis the dog

Golden Retriver dog outside in snowLouis is a five year old Golden Retriever, who up until two years ago had been a fantastic dog and a huge member of the family, loved by all.

His behaviour started to change when we moved house, he became very distressed and clingy.  Whenever anyone entered the kitchen he would cry, whine and try to grab hold of anything he could, this often included the clothes people were wearing.  He would get himself into a frenzy, he would start to jump up at people, and as Louis is very large for his breed, it sometimes un-nerved visitors who didn’t know him and weren’t used to his behaviour.

He also became very clingy around me especially and as I am at home quite a lot, he would follow me around the kitchen, sitting behind me whilst I was cooking, which started to become dangerous as I had tripped over him on various occasions. It started to get to a point where I was getting cross with him, which I didn’t want to be.

When I met Becs through our husbands’ work function, she informed me of her work with  animal communication.  I was intrigued by this and thought that she might be able to help with Louis problems.  I informed Becs of Louis current behaviour and the problems we were facing and we agreed to follow the process.

The process involved three phone calls, and the results were fantastic.  After the first phone call Louis seemed to be calming down slowly especially when people entered the house. He seemed a lot calmer in himself.  After the next two phone calls his behaviour had completely altered.

Friends visiting the house have commented and been very impressed by the turn around in Louis’ behaviour.  This change has worked wonders for Louis and the family’s relationship with him; no one has to get agitated by the crying and grabbing of clothes and jumping up.  Having two other dogs in the house as well, things were becoming stressful, but now that Louis has returned to a happier form of himself, life is becoming less stressful especially in the mornings.

Louis is a huge part of the family and as a member of the family you always want the best, even if he is a dog.  Louis is loved by everyone in the house, so wanting him to be happy and calm is very important and Becs has helped restore that happiness and calm.

I am so appreciative of the work Becs has done and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is having a problem with any animal.  I would certainly come back to Becs if any other issues occurred with the other dogs.

Thank you so much Becs from Sue, Family and Louis xxx

Sue, Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire

Deeper Understanding / Behaviour: Why was he lacking confidence? – Chief the horse

Lady in riding clothes stood at side of brown horseThe minute I first spoke to Becs I felt very reassured and confident that she understood how I felt and would try her best to help me and my horse Chief. The work Becs has done with me, and the communication she has had with Chief have helped cement our relationship and understanding of each other. Chief is a young ex riding school horse and I a rider that has ridden all my life, but had my confidence knocked badly. We were doing ok but struggling in some areas to understand each other. Becs communication with Chief helped us both move on from the past and look forward to our future together.

Some of the areas she worked on where his confidence in the indoor school, my feelings of safety, his confidence walking over slippery ground, how he felt about having a show makeover and how he felt about my expectations of him. Since working with Becs we have flourished, trust each other implicitly and he really looks after me in all situations. His confidence has grown hugely and he has risen to every challenge asked of him including winning our first show jumping competition. I feel we would not be looking so positively towards our future together if it was not for Becs. She is the first person I will be calling if we have a problem in the future.

Jane, Inverness, Highlands of Scotland

For more information on how I helped Chief please read my case study in the deepening your understanding page.

Emotional: Was he happy? – Elvis the cat

Ginger tabby cat sat on blanketBefore our consultation with Becs, Elvis seemed to be wary of approaching us and was less affectionate than his sister Keo and we wondered if he was happy. Becs was able to connect with Elvis and able to explain how he was feeling and why he felt so lonely and isolated.

During the consultation, something happened to Elvis, he appeared to come to terms with something and the difference in him was noticeable within a few days. Whilst he will still me-ow when he comes in, it seems much less desperate than before and he will happily sit with both of us. He will be the first to come and sit on the bed if one of us in unwell and will happily stay there when Keo comes and joins us. The change in Elvis is unbelievable, he is so sociable now and he and Keo seem to be on a much more even playing field.

Helen, Winchester, Hampshire

For more information on how I helped Elvis please read my case study in the emotional problems page.

Behaviour: Running away & getting spooked – Ruby the dog

Black and white border collie dog in front of flowering plantBecs helped me to gain a better understanding of how dogs communicate with each other and how we as owners can communicate with our pets. I know now that way I feel affects Ruby’s behaviour and if I am lacking in confidence in a situation, this passes onto Ruby.

I have gained more confidence with Ruby and I now have a better relationship with Ruby than I had before and I am much more aware of the way that I react to situations and how Ruby picks up on my reactions without me even speaking a word!  I am also much more aware of how Ruby is feeling by being more “in tune” with her so that I can pre-empt any undesirable behaviour before it occurs.

Gill, Chesterfield, North Derbyshire

Deeper Understanding: Why did she disappear off for so long? – Molly the cat

Ginger Tabby cat in the gardenWhen I spoke to Becs I was worried about my cat Molly who was spending long periods of time away from home. Sometimes she would disappear off and not be seen for days. I was concerned about her and wanted to know if she was happy at home. The communication gave me an understanding of how comfortable Molly was in her home environment and what I should do to improve her surroundings. In particular, it brought to light evidence of a nuisance neighbouring cat that was frightening Molly and helped me to assess the changes I should make to help reduce this fear.

Since the communication Molly has become more content and affectionate. She has never been a lap cat but recently has been coming closer to my partner and I in the evenings when we are on the sofa. Remarkably the other day she actually sat on my lap for the first time! I was so pleased and she stayed there for ages whilst I stroked her.

I found Becs easy to chat to and very informative regarding the nature of animal communication. I felt comfortable discussing Molly and myself with her and would definitely use Becs again in the future if the need arose.

Teresa, Winchester, Hampshire

Deeper Understanding: Meg the cat

White and grey long haired catI was concerned about our cat Meg as sometimes her behaviour made me wonder if she was happy. The communication with Becs was very helpful as it gave me an insight into how I can make Meg feel happier. I found it reassuring to be able to ask Meg if there were any problems or worries that we were unaware of.

The information in the consultation was excellent, very clear and detailed and I felt very comfortable talking with Becs. Since the communication Meg has been much more sociable and will happily jump up and sit with us which we all, but especially my daughter, love.

Vanessa, Farnborough, Hampshire

Behaviour / Understanding: Urinating & scratching inside & eating habits – Ziggy the cat

Lady with head resting against side of grey and white catWe adopted Ziggy from a rescue home and experienced a few problems with him settling in.  He was constantly scratching at furniture and urinating in the house.  Becs immediately put all our concerns to rest and talked us through Ziggy’s behavioural patterns.  With her advice and guidance, we were able to understand more about his behaviour and the best way to help him adjust to his new environment.  Ziggy is now a very contented member of our family, thanks to Becs’ help.

We returned to Becs when we became concerned about the amount of weight Ziggy was putting on despite being on a regulated diet. Once again, Becs was able to provide us with a clearer picture of Ziggy’s eating habits and the best way to deal with them. Becs’ insight into Ziggy really helped us to understand how he was feeling. She was genuinely interested in his wellbeing and we found her to be professional, informative and amazingly accurate with her insight into him!

Maxine, Wimborne, Dorset

Emotional: Was he missing his brothers? – Timmy the cat

Black and white cat with paw outstretched lying on blanketI contacted Becs about my cat Timmy.  Timmy is my only remaining cat after I lost his blood brother and adopted brother.  I wanted to check that Timmy was not unhappy and stressed following the loss of his brothers and my regular absence from home due to overseas travelling with work.

I have never done animal communication before so I was intrigued by the opportunity to find out how my cat feels and his general state of mind.  Speaking with Becs was really easy and straight forward.  She explained to me how the consultation would work over the phone and general principles about animal communication.  She made it simple for me to understand and was a great listener.

The consultation with Becs helped me to find out how Tim felt about his life at home in general and gave me the reassurance that I was doing a good job looking after him. I found out that Tim is missing his blood brother (but not so much the adopted cat which doesn’t surprise me as Tim was always a bit jealous of him!) but he is now also enjoying the one on one relationship with me.  It was great to talk about Tim with Becs with no restrain and having someone who understood what I have been through losing 2 out of my 3 cats to cancer.  Ultimately this consultation gave me piece of mind that my remaining cat is happy and enjoying his single cat home. Thank you Becs for all your help.

Sandra, Thames Ditton, Surrey

Behaviour: Barking & chasing when the phone rings – Shaun the dog

Black and white border collie dog sitting outsideWhen Rebecca asked for a photograph of Shaun we wondered how she could possibly gather information from it. There were several things she picked up which convinced us that there was communication going on. She was able to describe not only Shaun’s character but also some of his physical issues. In addition she described some specifics in terms of what he did and didn’t like. She described him giving her a sensation like  ‘bobbing for apples’, which confused us for a while until we realised that in the summer we had filled the paddling pool and played by dropping his nylabones in and he had to retrieve them. She picked up on his dislike of high pitched whistles, like those from power tools and his love of our blue squashy sofa!

We had contacted Rebecca as we were concerned that when the telephone rings Shaun jumps up and runs round to find and nip our other dog. Rebecca assured us that Shaun’s intention was not to pick a fight but he just wanted to play. She suggested various strategies for distracting him and that we change our reactions. We did some distraction but mainly we changed our reactions and instead of jumping up to intervene in a possible fight we told Shaun it was alright and kept everything very calm. Things have improved and knowing that Shaun only wants to play has helped us manage the situation in a better way.

Janet, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

For more information on how I helped Shaun please read my case study in the behaviour problems page.

Behaviour: Urinating inside & overexcited – Maddie & Ellie the dogs

Two springer spaniel dogs outisde on grass -one brown, one black and whiteBecs helped me with my mad neurotic springer spaniels. I had already used a dog behaviourist with positive results and stumbled across Becs by accident and liked the sound of her holistic approach. We hit it off instantly on the phone and I was encouraged by her warm yet professional approach.

After she had tuned into my dogs I was amazed by what she told me and even more amazed and encouraged by her results. They are calmer, happier and healthier. Becs even managed to alert me to Ellie’s blocked anal glands! All by phone contact! Highly recommended.

Jackie, Odiham, Hampshire

Physical: Unexplained limp – Toby the dog

Black dog with white chestBecs helped us to communicate with our rescue dog Toby. I knew he was a gentle old soul when I first met him, but when Becs relayed his messages of love and appreciation for all our work with him I was overwhelmed.  With her help he has managed to release old emotions and his limp that had been undiagnosed by several vets has now gone. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone considering communicating with their pet, her gentle nature and honest approach makes the whole process seem very natural.

Ella, Widford, Hertfordshire

For more information on how I helped with Toby please read my case study in the physical problems page.

Emotional / Physical: How was he feeling? – Minty the guinea pig Bereavement: Daisy the guinea pig

Girl holding guinea pig in her armsI contacted Rebecca when my daughter’s guinea pig Minty experienced a long run of ill health and despite being treated by the vet, I was concerned about his quality of life.  Rebecca was able to guide me through this difficult time and help me understand how Minty was feeling and what was best for him.

Girl holding guinea pig in her armsI contacted Rebecca again when our elderly guinea pig Daisy passed away.  She had been with us for seven years and my daughter was devastated when she died.  Rebecca’s advice gave my daughter great comfort during this difficult time and really helped her through the bereavement.  I found Rebecca to be very honest and caring and completely committed in her role.  We are very grateful for the help she gave us.

Dave, St.Albans, Hertfordshire

Deeper Understanding: Wiskers the cat

Lady with black and white cat

Becs helped us to connect with our cat Wiskers and as a result we now have a better understanding of what his feelings are for us, also his fears and his needs; although we were on the right track before the communication we now realise how much he depends on us for love and security. We love him even more now, if that’s possible.

Becs is extremely articulate and has a friendly, fun personality which comes across very strongly. She’s obviously very intelligent and is empathetic and warm.

Jan, Sandhurst, Berkshire

Behaviour: Highly dependent and running off – Buster the dog

Brown dogThank you so much helping me to get to know my Buster dog so much better. I really understand him now and understand myself more. Any more hiccups I know who to call. Thank you.

Jacquie, Warrington, Lancashire