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Becs’ column

being in nature – a dog’s perspective

In my recent newsletter I was extolling the virtues of being in nature. I find it’s like pressing the ‘pause’ button for a moment and stepping out of the busyness of day to day life into a space of peace and calm. So why is that? It’s because nature calls upon all of my senses […]

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the power of feelings

I often to say to people ‘animals haven’t complicated things by developing a language to the extent we humans have’. It’s something I feel passionately about. Have you ever had a feeling that you have found difficult to describe or to put into words? Have you been in a situation where you have wanted to […]

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the hare and the tortoise

As I was out running this morning Aesop’s fable about the hare and tortoise came to mind. Perhaps subconsciously I had a desire to be running faster and that’s why I recalled it! As I reflected on the story as I ran, I realised that Aesop’s fables are an example of how animals have long been […]

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