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finding your calm in the storm

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When life feels challenging, the animals in our lives can be just what we need to keep us on track. In these unprecedented times, that we’re experiencing with coronavirus, time spent with them can be the perfect tonic.

Currently, on a daily basis, there’s tons of information coming at us and advice being offered about the situation. As a highly sensitive person, I’ve come to understand how an influx of a lot of information can overload me and my senses.  I also find it challenging when the collective consciousness has a ‘loud voice’ about something, as it does now. What can happen, in such situations, is that I lose my sense of self, my centre.

Such is the emotional climate right now, it can be easy for all of us, no matter what your degree of sensitivity is, to lose our centre. Spending time with the animals in our lives and in nature can be the antidote that can help bring us back into the present moment and to ‘our’ selves.

Yesterday as I approached my horse, grazing in his field, he paid me very little attention. That’s unusual, I normally get a greeting and he’ll come over to me.  Not so yesterday, and as I stood in the field with him, I understood that he was getting me to bring my energy down to his.  I stood with him and as I quietened myself, I could sense his loudest feeling was one of contentment. His message was ’This field is calm, join me in calmness in this field’.

So, I did, I stood with him. I felt the simplicity of the grazing experience and I let it fill my whole body.  I allowed myself to become really focussed on the earth beneath my feet and I imagined all the input that had overloaded me, that I didn’t need, flowing out of me and into the earth. As I stood there with him, I could feel myself returning to my centre.

This morning in the park whilst out walking our dog Chuck, I watched a spaniel puppy chase her ball and keep returning it to her person. This little pup just oozed love and I enjoyed her joyful performance of running and chasing as Chuck and I ambled along. What a delight to experience. Her person called across to me with exactly what I was thinking ‘thank goodness for dogs at times like this’, I agreed.

This afternoon the cats were in and out of the garden, alternating between lazing in the sunshine and enjoying ‘riding’ the gusts of wind. Such joy and exuberance at the capture of a leaf blowing in the wind, it was a delight to see.

As we move through this unchartered territory, I can heartily recommend immersing yourself in the world of the animals in your life. Take time with them and allow yourself to pause the outer world for a while. Fully engage with them, when you are with them. Let them help you to embrace the moment and be fully present with them. Enjoy a different view of life for a while, seeing things through their eyes and from their perspective. 

I am confident that in spending time with the animals in your life, you will start to feel better for it, and much more like yourself!

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