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Physical aspects

Animals are individuals, and like us, they tend to experience illness and physical conditions in their own way.

When our animal companions have a physical condition, we may want to know how they are feeling about it. A communication session provides the opportunity to ask them exactly that. This can stop you ‘second guessing’ how they are feeling. It can also allow them to share anything they wish to about to the situation with you.

Animal communication can help you understand how your animal companion is feeling about the physical condition and how best to support them.

Animal communication is not a substitute for a vet or a medical diagnosis when an animal has a health problem. I am not qualified to and will not give a diagnosis of a physical aspect, so please do not book a communication expecting this.  It’s important to have consulted your vet about your animal’s condition prior to the communication. If you haven’t done so I will ask you to do so before I communicate with them.  Reiki healing can also work alongside animal communication in such situations.

Please see below a case study of a client with a dog that had a physical issue and how animal communication helped. For more examples see my testimonials page.

Case Study Physical aspect:
Unexplained limp – Toby the dog

Black dog with white chestElla had recently rehomed Toby the dog and wanted to see if there was anything that she could do to make him more comfortable. She also wanted to see if it was possible to shed any light on the limp that couldn’t be explained by the vets.

On connecting with Toby I felt from him a strong sense of relief about being in his new home and a real sense of love and affection for Ella. It was clear that he felt loved and was happy to be with them. On exploring how Ella could make him more comfortable it became clear that Toby was concerned that he might not be able to stay with Ella for good and that this was worrying him. Ella said that this made sense as at the rescue centre he had been going home on a temporary basis with one of the handlers, so it was likely he was unsure whether his new home with Ella was permanent or not. I also got a very strong sense of sadness in relation to his past.

Toby described to me how his leg had been hurt and how it now felt. As he did I had a strong sense that the issue with the leg was where he was holding a lot of the emotion in relation to his past. Whilst we were on the phone I used a technique to help Toby release this emotion.

Here’s what Ella had to say:

“Becs helped us to communicate with our rescue dog Toby. I knew he was a gentle old soul when I first met him, but when Becs relayed his messages of love and appreciation for all our work with him I was overwhelmed.  With her help he has managed to release old emotions and his limp that had been undiagnosed by several vets has now gone.  I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone considering communicating with their pet, her gentle nature and honest approach makes the whole process seem very natural.”

Ella, Widford, Hertfordshire