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About Me

My route into animal communication

As a child I was naturally inquisitive and fascinated by how things worked.  This curiosity and desire to explore led me to study physics at University.  After gaining a first class degree at Durham I chose to continue my studies with a PhD at Manchester University.

I loved physics but when it came to making a decision about a career I decided not to pursue that avenue.  Instead I chose marketing. I saw it as an opportunity to combine my analytical nature and creative abilities in a way that had relevance in day to day life.  I spent 15 years marketing brands including Hula Hoops, Go Ahead!, Mr Muscle and Haägen-Dazs.  Whilst I enjoyed the mix of analytical and creative work in my role I had a sixth sense that there was something else out there ‘calling me’, that I would find more rewarding, but I didn’t know what it was.

When I came across animal communication, thanks to my cat Louis and a friend, I knew that it was the answer.  My initial experience was as a client, with Louis, and it opened my eyes to things I hadn’t previously thought possible.  In my first experience of animal communication, you can read how I moved from being slightly sceptical to a complete advocate for animal communication!

Black cat asleep on back with paws in the airHaving experienced the benefits of animal communication with Louis I was intrigued to find out more.  I started to explore the area, reading books and researching it.  The scientist in me was keen to try the techniques I had read about. I enlisted the help of people with animals I knew nothing about.  The results amazed me.  Working from a photo I was able to describe aspects of their character and specifics only their human could know.

Satisfied this form of communication existed and gaining confidence in my ability I left the corporate world to make this my profession.  Whilst a big decision, it instinctively felt right. I had always had a love of animals and I loved the volunteer work I did with the local Cat’s Protection branch.  Increasingly I was being asked by friends and family for advice with their cats.

I decided I wanted some ‘formal’ training.  I undertook a recognised practitioner programme , ACT 2, with animal communicator James French.  I was naturally led to James, he was the communicator my friend had recommended to help with Louis.  The course required me to complete a series of case studies with a range of different animals.  It concluded with four separate professional case studies for which I had to achieve 90% in each to pass.  These case studies were with recognised professionals; a vet, animal behaviourist, animal welfare expert and animal trainer.  I achieved first time passes in all four.  I also trained as a Reiki practitioner, with James, so I could provide Reiki healing for animals alongside the communication work.

Since completing my training in 2010 I have worked with many wonderful animals and people and built up my experience and understanding of animals and this natural form of communication with them.  Each communication session is unique and by staying open to what I too can learn from each session I allow myself to continue to grow.

I live in Norwich in Norfolk.  I’ve felt completely ‘at home’ here since moving here in 2009. I’m fortunate to be close to beaches and open countryside where I live, so there’s lots of opportunity to be out in nature, which I love.  I am blessed to have an amazing family of animals in my life. I get so much from their friendship and companionship, on many levels.

I absolutely love what I do and feel privileged to be doing it.  Sharing the messages from our animal companions and promoting a deeper understanding between animals and their humans is immensely rewarding.  I’m passionate about animal communication because I’ve experienced first hand for myself, and time and time again with others, how it can not only help address and resolve issues but also enrich ours and their lives.  If you are interested to understand more please read how animal communication can help.