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Emotional aspects

Animals are highly tuned to our emotions and feelings and have feelings and emotions of their own.

I am often asked ‘Is my animal happy?’. Whilst people often instinctively know the answer, it can be reassuring to hear the answer from someone else. Perhaps you would like to ask some specific questions about how your animal feels emotionally?

Sometimes animals just want to share how they are feeling. Other times they may need some help releasing ‘old’ emotions, this can be done in a communication session. Reiki healing can also work alongside emotional work with animals.

Animal communication allows your animal companion an opportunity to express their feelings or release ‘old’ feelings, if necessary.  

Read below a case study about a client relating to an emotional issue with her cat and how animal communication helped. For more examples see my testimonials page.

Case Study: Emotional aspect
Was he happy? – Elvis the cat

Ginger tabby cat sat on blanketHelen and her husband lived with their two cats Elvis and Keo. Helen wanted to know how Elvis was feeling as her sense was that he wasn’t entirely happy.

When I connected with Elvis I got a strong feeling of him not wanting to be alone, of being scared and the question ‘where has everyone gone?’. Elvis also communicated to me a feeling of being left behind and of being sad and confused. Helen believed this made sense as Elvis and Keo had been rescued from a multi cat household and were the last two awaiting rehoming at the rescue centre.  As the connection continued I got the sense that Elvis needed reassurance.

As I explored his relationship with his sister he conveyed to me that she was the dominant one. I got a strong sense from him that it was about ‘pecking order’ and that he didn’t feel able to get affection until his sister was out of the way. When I explained this to Helen she confirmed that Keo was the most inquisitive and also most affectionate.

By the end of the consultation it was clear that Elvis wanted the company of people and affection more than he was showing and didn’t feel able to get it when his sister was there. Also he needed reassurance that Helen and her husband weren’t going anywhere. I shared all this with Helen and we discussed how she could help with how Elvis felt. During the communication I used a technique to help Elvis release the emotion he was feeling.

Here’s what Helen had to say:

Before our consultation with Rebecca, Elvis seemed to be wary of approaching us and was less affectionate than his sister Keo and we wondered if he was happy. Rebecca was able to connect with Elvis and able to explain how he was feeling and why he felt so lonely and isolated. During the consultation, something happened to Elvis, he appeared to come to terms with something and the difference in him was noticeable within a few days.

Whilst he will still me-ow when he comes in, it seems much less desperate than before and he will happily sit with both of us. He will be the first to come and sit on the bed if one of us in unwell and will happily stay there when Keo comes and joins us. The change in Elvis is unbelievable, he is so sociable now and he and Keo seem to be on a much more even playing field.

Helen, Winchester, Hampshire