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Consultations & Fees

Animal Communication consultations

I work from a photo of the animal and all my contact with you is via the phone. This enables the animal to be relaxed in their own environment, without strangers present. It also enables me to avoid the distractions of the environment and ensures I can give my full attention to the animal in question. I am able to work across the whole of the UK, all I need is to be able to reach you on a UK landline (or mobile if necessary). I also work outside of the UK using Zoom or Skype audio calls.

An initial consultation involves:

  1. Initial connection with the animal
    I establish a bond and obtain information on the animal’s character.
  2. Telephone consultation (60 mins)
    I share with you the information from the initial connection for you to verify. I then connect with the animal to address the matter you would like to help with or ask the questions you have. I share with you information as I receive it from the animal. If appropriate we then agree an action plan to resolve the situation.
  3. Follow up call (10 mins)
    A few weeks later to see how you are progressing.

For more information about the approach I use please see the animal communication page.

Before the consultation

Please give thought to what it is you would like to address or the questions you would like to ask your animal companion. I will ask you this in the consultation.  I prefer not to have this information ahead of the session. I find that this is the best way for you to gain the most out of the consultation.

During the consultation

It can be helpful (but is not essential) if your animal companion is near you for the call. Ideally you should be free from interruptions or distractions for the call. It can be useful to have a pen and paper to make notes. For both the consultation and follow up call I will call you on a UK landline (or mobile).

Animal Communication Fees

An initial consultation is £70 and lasts an hour, this is the charge for the first time that I work with an animal. It includes my initial connection with the animal, prior to the session, and a follow up call of 10 minutes.

My hourly rate for subsequent consultations with the same animal is £70/ hour and can be prorated, for example £35/30 mins.  My minimum session length is 30 minutes and the maximum I offer is 90 minutes. For every 30 minute session I offer a 5 minute follow up at no extra cost, up to a maximum of 15 minutes with a 90 minute session. Time limits for sessions can be set if necessary.

If you’re not in the UK please contact me at for my fees in your local currency.

Reiki healing consultations

I offer distant Reiki healing to animals. This is just as effective as hands on Reiki. I require a photo of the animal in order to send distant Reiki. The benefit of a distant Reiki session is that they can be relaxed in the comfort of their own environment.

The number of sessions required for a particular aspect is individual and will be affected by the nature of the condition and how long they have been experiencing it. Generally chronic conditions will need more treatments and take a longer period of time to resolve than acute conditions.

Please see the page on Reiki healing for more information about Reiki.

You can contact me at if you would like to discuss your animal’s requirements.

A consultation involves:

  1. Pre session call (5 mins)
    I call you before starting the session to answer any questions you may have and discuss the reason for the session.
  2. Reiki healing session (20 mins)
    I work with one animal at a time and send Reiki for 20 minutes.

Reiki healing Fees

Distant healing sessions are 25 mins at £25 / session. A course of 4 distant sessions of 25 mins is £90/ course.

If you’re not in the UK please contact me at for my fees in your local currency.

If you have any questions please contact me at