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the hare and the tortoise

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As I was out running this morning Aesop’s fable about the hare and tortoise came to mind. Perhaps subconsciously I had a desire to be running faster and that’s why I recalled it!

As I reflected on the story as I ran, I realised that Aesop’s fables are an example of how animals have long been used in teaching. It appears that they have been around since about the 6th Century BC – amazing!

The characters of Aesop’s fables are usually animals that act and talk like people, yet retain their animal traits. Each tale has a message in it, like a parable may have. In the hare and the tortoise the slow but persistent tortoise wins a race against the fast but lazy hare.

As I sat down to write my first blog about ‘animal inspiration’ this seemed a great starting place. Particularly, as the fables tap into a big passion and belief of mine about how we can learn from animals.

When I started working as an animal communicator my intent was to help people and animals. I had experienced first hand the positive effects that communication between an animal and person could bring. I was passionate about helping others to experience the same, to promote a better understanding, help resolve difficulties and create harmony.

What I didn’t appreciate as I set out on this path was how my whole perspective on life would start to change. I also didn’t appreciate how much I would learn and grow from the experience of working with animals. I certainly didn’t anticipate that I would receive such wisdom from animals in the communications and that I would and find it so valuable in my own life.

Through my own experience with many different animals I have come to see and believe that they can help us so much. They can help us be more aware of our feelings and to be more in balance in our daily lives. What’s more is that they have such a strong desire to help us.

tortoise head photoSo perhaps it’s not so strange that Aesop’s fables about animals provided wisdom and guidance on life. Back then in the 6th century BC on some level it was seen that animals could help us.

So next time you feel a need to rush or feel impatient about something, as probably I was subconsciously this morning, here’s a reminder of the morale from the hare and tortoise!

Slow and steady wins the race

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