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a gift for our animal companions

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The underlying motivation behind most people asking me to work with their animals is the desire to do the best for them. A common question that comes up in communication sessions is ‘Is there anything that I can do to make my animal companion even happier?’ It’s a really lovely question and in my experience every animal has their own unique reply. I love ‘hearing’ their responses.

Over the time I’ve been doing this work I have come to understand there is something that all animals universally love.  It’s a gift you can give them that doesn’t cost a penny. I’d like to share the ‘secret’ with you now!

gardening shot of watering can and flower borderThe inspiration to write this blog came when I was gardening at the weekend. I love gardening. I find I lose all track of time when I’m pottering outside. When we are so immersed in something that we lose track of time it’s a great example of ‘being in the moment’.

If you’ve worked with me you’re likely to have heard me use the phrase ‘being in the moment’. Gathering momentum in national awareness ‘being in the moment’ or ‘in the now’ is also more commonly referred to as ‘mindfulness’. Essentially it’s when all of our senses are fully engaged in whatever we are doing.  In this state, focussed on the moment in hand, our mind chatter quietens as past and future are no longer our focus.

I’ve come to understand that when we are in this state it’s a really lovely experience for our animal companions. So why is that? Animals sense the world through feelings.  This means that they pick up on our feelings, or what I refer to as our energetic broadcast. When we are ‘in the moment’ our mind quietens and so do our feelings. Our energetic broadcast quietens as a result.

I believe that we and our animal companions all have our own natural rhythm and ‘being in the moment’ helps us to return to it.  When we create this energetic space for ourselves by quietening our minds we help our animal companions to return to their natural rhythm too.

Black and white cat sleeping on chest of drawersWhen I’ve been working in communication sessions or sending Reiki, I will often come out of my office to find the feline family in various relaxed poses around the house. My work requires me to be ‘in the moment’ and they’ve been enjoying the benefits of me being so!

There are many different approaches you can use. I describe one in my blog ‘being in the moment’. Like anything new the more you practice, the easier it becomes.

Alternatively, a really simple starting point is by doing something you love. Choose a time when you can be free from interruptions and a place you won’t be disturbed, then turn your phone off, and truly commit to your chosen activity for 20 minutes. Allow it to become your entire focus.

Most of us enjoy a hobby from time to time. Often when we do so we have the radio or the TV on or our phone by our side, all of which serve to distract us.  The essential difference here is that your activity becomes your sole focus, as if there is only you and it on the planet!

piano keys and musicI find that gardening and pottery work really well for me. For you it could be drawing, sewing, painting, cooking, singing, playing the piano, running, anything that you can fully immerse yourself in. If you find your mind wandering off, bring it back to whatever it is you are doing by really taking in the detail of what you’re doing, with as many of your senses as possible.

Your animal companions don’t need to be with you for them to feel the benefit of this. That’s because our energetic broadcast travels distance. Once you’ve got a sense of how it feels to be in this ‘state’ then you might want to try it around your animal companions and see how they respond. There are lots of ways to do this, but the guiding principle is that you are focussed on something with all your senses, such that you mind quietens. Practising being in this state whilst out walking your dog, for example, can be a lovely experience for both of you.

I believe that spending time ‘being in the moment’ is a lovely gift we can share with our animal companions. What’s more it doesn’t cost a penny, unless of course you have an expensive hobby, just a little time…. focus …and some practice!

When we take some time to ‘be in the moment’ our animal companions benefit too.

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