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Unlocking new possibilities with forgiveness

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In my work as an animal communicator I’ve come to understand the subtle energetic communication that we are all constantly sending out. I’ve learnt how fundamental this is to what we experience in our lives.

ForgivenessIt’s for this reason I believe forgiveness is a powerful choice. When we don’t forgive ourselves or others, part of our ‘energetic communication’ gets locked in the old energy of a situation. Although we may not be aware of it at a conscious level we are ‘broadcasting’ this energy.  Whilst we may have tried to move on with the individuals involved, it’s likely that unresolved feelings are in the background, and so are influencing our interactions with them. This ‘broadcast’ also can influence the way we interact with other people and situations and we can find ourselves cycling around with similar experiences.  This is why forgiving others for a situation and also pretty crucially, ourselves too, for our role in it, is so powerful.  It releases the past and allows a new unfolding.

I believe that in any one moment we are all doing the best that we can. It’s easy to look back at an experience with hindsight. Judging an old experience with new insight doesn’t make sense, if we had that insight in that moment we would have acted differently. We did the best we could and so did the others involved and allowing ourselves and others that compassion allows us to move on.

Writing down who you forgive and what for, or lighting a candle in forgiveness of someone or a situation are very simple acts to set your intention. I love using an ancient Hawaiian saying called Ho’ oponopono. You say it out loud, as if the person was in front of you ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you’.  I believe that it’s important to not get too hung up in rituals though, because what is fundamental is making the choice to forgive. Having made the choice you have set your intention and it can be as simple as that.

If you find the concept of forgiveness difficult why not experiment with something ‘small’ and see how you feel after and what unfolds. As you feel the impact the choice has you may be inspired to move to some ‘bigger’ examples.  As always it’s important you do what feels right for you.

The choice to forgive allows new possibilities

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